This site was designed to be a resource for the community maintained by the community. Thus, anyone can contribute to the site. The only thing required to contribute is a GitHub account, but no knowledge of git or GitHub is required.

There are multiple ways to contribute. We give you full access to the CMS via GitHub authentication. You can go to the CMS admin and click the “Login with GitHub” button to authenticate with GitHub by using an existing account or creating a new one. You will be asked to give permissions to the site as shown below.

Authenticate with GitHub

You will be asked to fork the repo. Click the “fork the repo” button to continue.

GitHub fork

This will allow you access to the CMS admin where you can make additions or changes to the content of the site. This uses a feature in our CMS called “open authoring”. Changes via GitHub are processed as what GitHub calls a “fork” that awaits approval before being accepted into the site.

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