Loot Box Etiquette

Loot Box Etiquette

As with almost any battle royale game, success or failure at Apex Legends can be heavily dependent on your success finding loot - but also on your teammates finding loot. So here are some guidelines to being a good teammate when it comes to loot.

Found Loot Boxes

As you play, it is common to come across loot boxes that are remnants of fights between other squads. These are basically “first come, first serve.” Still, keep some basic rules in mind:

  • Try to avoid looting a box your teammate is already looting. Wait for them to either ping items or to finish with that box before looting so as to avoid grabbing things they may want.
  • Unless it is urgent (ex. grabbing a new shield or ammo when low), avoid looting boxes when during a battle.

Loot Boxes from Combat

After a fight is complete (yes, I said after), who gets what loot? Here are some guidelines:

  • If it is easily identifiable who killed whom, give the person who completed the kill first dibs at their kill’s loot. Wait until they are finished or ping items before taking anything.
  • If you did not participate in a fight, wait until your teammates are done looting their kills before you begin looting.
  • If it is difficult to determine which kill belongs to whom, use the rules above regarding found loot boxes, but try to ensure that you leave some loot for everyone.

Teammate Loot Boxes

What happens if your teammate is killed? What about their loot?

  • Pick up their banner first.
  • If the battle is over and your teammate can be brought back before ring closure (or if it is an early ring and the box will be just outside of it), do not loot anything from their box (one exception below).
  • If the battle is over and your teammate cannot be brought back before ring closure, you can take their loot. As the person awaiting respawn, do not yell or curse at your teammates in this situation as saving your stuff is pointless.
  • If you are in battle or the battle has just ended and you are severely low on health or ammo, inasmuch as it might prevent you being able to respawn your teammate, you can loot their stuff as needed. This should be limited to things like shields, shield cells, med kits, syringes and ammo. As the person awaiting respawn, do not yell or curse at your teammates in this situation - your respawn is dependent on their survival.

Flyer Loot Boxes and Cargo Bots

If you shoot down a flyer or a cargo bot, you are entitled to first dibs on any loot in the loot box or cargo container. Teammates should wait until you are done looting or ping items before taking anything. The game indicates who shot down the flyer or cargo bot via an audio cue, so don’t pretend you didn’t know.

Loot Ticks

The person who finds the loot tick gets first dibs to punch it and at any loot contained within. Do not come up from behind your teammate and punch the loot tick or take items once they have before they have a chance to do so.

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